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Ours |Levi| AU
Please listen while you read: [link] ~
Mornings. Ahh, how she definitely hate it.
Especially when the weather itself was not even cooperating. It was a chilly morning, and the breeze was not totally helping her mood right now. Having the trait of not being a morning person kinda sucks for her, especially no one was there to wake her up. She'd rather just stay in bed all day reading her favorite novel, while sipping her favorite black tea as she cuddles with her pet cat, but sadly she can't.
She inhaled deeply and released all of her thoughts away with a sigh as she entered the building. (name) lifted her ID to the bored-looking security guard, while the latter chose to stare at some empty space around the building, completely ignoring her. She then shrugged it off away. The janitor that was moping the floor gave her a morning greeting which she smiled in re
:iconflaminguchiha:flaminguchiha 29 18
Mature content
Reader x Levi - Smut!Release the Beast :iconmythiica:Mythiica 64 44
Mature content
Reader x Yandere!Jumin - Lemon!Animal Instincts :iconmythiica:Mythiica 22 2
Levi x Reader Midnight Snack
Levi followed his nightly routine, heading to the kitchen for his usual cup of tea, then head back to his office to finish up his paperwork before getting a few hours of sleep before the irritating noise of brats woke him up in the morning. That's all he wanted but tonight was different. Tonight he found Cadet (l/n) in the kitchen.
    "Hey captain, want a snack?" I asked.
    "What the hell?" he jumped back, not expecting my presence.
    "I asked if you wanted a snack," I held out a cup of tea for him. I know he comes here every night at the same time. I usually sneak in after he leaves, so why did I come in before him? Did I want to be caught? It's too late to back out now.
    "Depends on what you're making." He took the cup, sniffed and sneered before taking a suspicious sip. His eyes widened. "Holy shit! This is good." He sat back and relaxed.
    "Thanks. It's my own special blend of tea, so I can't guarantee the flavor." I
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 22 12
Yandere!Levi x Reader Lock Pick to Your Heart 1
Yandere!Thug!Levi x Reader Lock Pick to Your Heart Part 1
Bold will be Levi's inner monologue, m'kay? M'kay!
Set in the Underground

Another day, another dollar. Sometimes I think that's all he cares about. I mean, I know it's not, but sometimes I wish he would spend more time with me.
    "Hey bro-bro?" Furlan finally stopped counting his cash and conversing with Levi. "Can we go do something fun?" I poked at his cheek.
    "Not right now. I'm busy." He swatted at my finger and I pouted.
    "Then, can Isabela and I take the gear out for a spin? She said she's gonna teach me how to avoid that damn wall I always run into."
    "Don't talk like that," he flicked my forehead.
    "But you and Levi talk like that," I glared at Levi. He looked up from polishing his knife long  enough to raise an eyebrow. He heard his name but wasn't paying attention apparently. 
I love the sound of my name on her ton
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 13 4
Study Session (Levi x Reader) ModernAU
You really didn't want to go through with this, but you had to. You had no choice. Everything you'd done for the past few months had prepared you for this moment. There was no way you could back out, this was inevitable, and there were no words that could accurately describe how much you absolutely hated this time of year.
“But Levi,” you whined, stretching yourself out on the couch, “it's been three hours. How can you study for this long without any breaks?”
Your boyfriend continued to leaf through his notes, not sparing you a glance from his spot at his desk. “I have a biology exam tomorrow, you know that.”
“It isn't even noon yet. You’ve barely even had breakfast,” you pointed out. “You're lucky I slept over last night or you wouldn't have even had your two slices of toast at like, 7:30. That was forever ago. You need to eat.”
Levi sighed. “At least I’m actually trying to study. You’ve been si
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 29 3
Tainted Innocence (Hades!Levi x Persephone!Reader)
Help comes to the rescue....
To put out the fire...
...only to find, that it has spread...
...much faster than before. 
Hell's Little Angel (Hades!Levi x Persephone!Reader) Chapter 4
You can refer to this anytime in the story:
Levi: Hades
Erwin: Zeus
Persephone: Reader
Persephone's eyes widened at the sight of her mother, whose face was contorted with worry. "M-mother, you...came?" she whispered, reaching out her hands. Her mother shook her head. "What type of question is that? Of course my dear! When I woke up the next morning, and I didn't see my angel sleeping in her bed, I panicked. I would not let the earth grow anything, nothing at all. But then, Helios told me what he saw on that day."
Persephone tried her best not to cry. My mother stopped the world from flourishing, for me?
Levi sighed, running a hand through his onyx locks. "Well, I didn't think you would find her this soo
:iconmurfpie156:MurfPie156 29 8
{ c a r n i v a l | jean kirschstein x reader}
| modern au |
| inspired by the notebook |
| by this scene: |
| word count: 1477 |
"The little guy gets the prize!" The carny announced. Connie had been trying to win a prize from this "shoot the cowboy" game for the past 15 minutes but he kept missing which resulted in him spending money. Connie scoffed at the man and picked his prize, which by the way was a red giant stuffed M&M. Jean and Marco chuckled at the amount of saltiness coming from Connie.
"Thanks." Connie mumbled taking his prize from the carny. "Let's go, guys." He said.
"Cheer up. At least you got something for Sasha." Marco reassured with a smile and patted Connie's back as the boys walked toward the bumper cars.
"Yeah, and she didn't see your sad excuse for aim." Jean laughed and punched Connie's arm lightly.
"Oh, yeah? You think you could do better, pretty boy?" Connie joked back. The boys fooled around until they got to the bumper cars.
There was a session already started so they watche
:iconlovininthesummertime:LovinInTheSummerTime 8 9
Captain Kirschtein (Jean Kirschtein x Reader AU!)
Captain Kirschtein
The halls of Kyojin High were almost empty. This was nothing out of the ordinary as it was now 4 o'clock and the only remaining students were the ones who had gotten detention, the football players training at the football field and (First) (Last).
(First) (Last).
The president of the student council.
The hottest, cutest and smartest girl in Kyojin High.
Reiner Braun's absolute goal.
And Jean Kirschtein's girlfriend.
She was currently sitting at the bleachers, finishing some school work and wacthing (admiring) her boyfriend training. She just loved how he would try to cheer up his team and make them work harder to accomplish their goals. Ah, yes. Being the Captain of the team really did suit him.
Jean saw her watching him, a small smile gracing her lips. He waved at her and she waved back at him, smile grewing wider.
He turned around as he tried not choking on air due to hard hands patting his back.
:iconphillionsdiaries:phillionsdiaries 381 25
Summer Heat (Levi X Reader)
Warnings: Language?? C'mon. Levi here.
It was a hot summer. Really hot. Boiling. Whatever word you wanted to use. In fact, hell hath no heat compared to this day. Everyone was slow and cranky, especially a certain short Corporal. He shouted and screamed at everyone, the heat only making him crankier. He forced everyone to do laps over and over, it was complete madness. But the slower people went, the more he enforced his laws.
You were on the edge of passing out when the short tempered shorty finally told everyone to stop. Hanji had just came out of the air conditioning building. She seemed rather amused and sympathetic with all the poor cadets who were on the verge of turning into a puddles. “Okay everyone! Take a break and go swimming!” She pointed over to the lake that everyone had stopped at.
Levi shot Hanji a glare. “Oi, don’t tell my cadets what to do,” He snapped peevishly.
Hanji shoved Levi who growled in protest. “Calm down, Mr. Upt
:iconshingekinolevifanfic:shingekinolevifanfic 61 12
Affairs of the Court - Levi x Reader
This is for entertainment only. Attack on Titan belongs to Hajime Isayama. All the pictures used in this story are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. I also do not own you, the reader.
Warning: Suggestive themes.
Affairs of the Court
Levi x Reader

The silken bed sheets twined like a snake about Levi, providing warmth and comfort, he almost didn't want to wake up. The sensation of the bed sheets against his skin, so cool and smooth against his bare back, enticing him to stay rooted in place; the feeling was comparable to the literal meaning of utopia—so suddenly ruined by the sun streaming down on him like he's being chosen, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Curse the sunlight for prodding him back to reality.
While relishing in the soft cushion of the pillows, a groan tore through his chest. His eyes slowly opened, although much against his wish, blinking to adjust his sight. Above, the shadowy outline of the ceiling decorated to its full
:icondcdanielle:dcdanielle 21 6
The Untold Stories - LevixReader One-Shot
Hey guys, I’m currently writing a long series and had a bit of a writer’s block. To refresh my mind, I decided to write something new and different. I just came up with an idea and decided to free write. I'm not sure if I'll update this one-shot book regularly, so there's only one part. Enjoy!
This is for entertainment only. Attack on Titan belongs to Hajime Isayama. All the pictures used in this story are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. I also do not own you, the reader.
Warning: If you're bothered by swear words, you may not want to read on. Other than that, you're fine to go.
Unsatiated Hunger
Levi x Reader

Impatience taking hold of her, (Name) threw down her pen and arose. Being a squad leader has its perks, but signing unending paperwork isn’t one of them. She stretched, popping her back. She glared at the stack on the table, and ambled out her office door. Almost all of the recruits were training save for the ranked official
:icondcdanielle:dcdanielle 20 2
MTIJ | Prologue - Why Did I Say Yes Again?
It's confusing I know. So I'll just turn back a little. To that fateful Sunday morning.
"So, (Y/N), what are you gonna do throughout the day?" My mother asked the same day on breakfast as we had all sat around the table, utensils in hand and dishes full of delicious treats my sweet mother had prepared beforehand for both me and father.
"Well, me and Eren were planning to go out on a date and I'm probably gonna see Annie at one point in the afternoon, too. She has to help me for the quiz we're having next week at school. Why?" I looked up and my mother and father talked across the table telepathically. Again. Which meant something neither wanted to announce to me was coming up.
Oh, well let us see what it is this time.
Last time I had to go to grandpa and grandma for a month to help them in the backyard and paint the barn, because the previous paint was already growing old. 
And before
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 13 5
AOT!Various x Reader | A Night at the Lake
A/N: Slight Eren x Reader bc ya girl is having hella feels for him.
If any of you got caught, Captain Levi would kick your assses with no questions asked then wouldn't hesitate to give you stable duty for a month. You don't remember whose idea it was to sneak out for a late night swim but you were pretty sure it was you. Actually, it was you. But it was for a good cause!
"Its so fucking hot." Jean groaned as he ran his fingers through his damp hair.
"Tell us something we don't know, Jean." Eren said rolling his eyes. Jean glared at Eren lazily not in the mood to fight with him. It was far too hot.

It would be you guys' luck to have a heatwave on the day you have an ODM assessment, hand to hand combat training and extra chores. Due the the scorching temperature, it made everyone really lazy and in a 'meh' kind of mood.
Looking around you saw Sasha sprawled out on the floor muttering something about food. Ymir and Krista were on the couch to your right. Ymir had her head
:iconlovininthesummertime:LovinInTheSummerTime 21 16
The wishing tree [Levi Ackerman x Reader drabble]
Sitting down across a piece of cement, cold eyes stare at the letters across it
the person he was supposed to lead and protect
he had the body buried under their favorite tree in hopes of getting some peace.
Of course it wouldn't ever come, there would be no piece for the life he lived
He looked up at the small petal's on the pink tree and closed his eyes sadly
He wished the two of them didn't live the life they had
He wished he could still have her in his arm
still hear her beautiful laugh
see her beautiful eyes and smile
but he knew it was wishful thinking.
That night he fell asleep only to wake up seeing the woman he thought was dead beside him cuddling against his chest. He held her dearly, making an attempt not to cry.
"Levi, its alright its just a nightmare. I'm not going anywhere."
Hearing her soothing voice made it all worth it to stay calm where he was. Soon coming into the room was a pair of twins a male and female who looked just like Levi and her
"Mama! Papa! Morning!" They
:iconheartsandlovedontmix:heartsandlovedontmix 9 4
Daddy!Levi X Mommy!Reader - Coming Home
“Mommy, what does Daddy look like again?” your beautiful, five-year old asked from her position on the floor. (h/c) strands falling across her lovely face.
“Why do you ask, sweetheart?” you replied, cutting potatoes on a wooden cutting board. You glanced up, admiring how much she looked like her father. You used your knife to slide the chopped vegetables into a pot to cook later before leaning on the worktop.
“I’m making a picture!” (c/n) chimed, then frowned “I want to give it to Daddy when he comes home today, but I always forget what he looks like.”
Laughing you wiped your hands on your white apron, making you way towards (c/n) and sitting with her on the brown floor. You flicked a few crayons away and placed your little girl onto your lap. She giggled and clutched your apron.
“Your Daddy is the most handsome man I have ever had the pleasure to call my husband. Many people were frightened of him a little because it looked a
:iconotakufandoms:otakufandoms 32 10


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